Keep Showing Up

on 09282015

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to throw us off our routines, does it? We’re happily trucking along in life, and then the slightest thing, if we’re not prepared, can really derail us. Sometimes though, significant things do happen, and there’s no amount of preparation that can get us through those curveballs and again, we might find ourselves completely out of sorts. Have you been derailed lately? I think of my working friends. Devoting their lives to serving the poor, underprivileged, overlooked, young, needy, or abandoned. I see their cries for help “doesn’t anyone else see this need? why isn’t anyone else stepping in” and I can’t help but wonder if sometimes in their work they feel a little disillusioned. I think of my friends who have been face to face with death, or those who wish on anything they could experience life. I see their broken, but strong hearts and wonder if...

To Move Mountains

on 03092015

Have you heard? It’s stirring – a movement, a churning in the soul. Brothers and sisters joining other brothers and sisters–crossing racial boundaries, socio-economic boundaries, denominational boundaries. It seems the light bulb was switched on and it’s spreading like wildfire. It’s a movement from slavery to freedom, from shackles to strength, and I’m seeing it rise up all around me.

This Year, Lean Into Fear

on 01012015

What an incredible responsibility Christians have to lead, even in fear. We must understand that even when we are afraid, we must resist temptation to shrink back. We must take heed and remember it is better to lead afraid than to not lead at all.

A Seat At The Table

on 11242014

I’ve been there too. I know what it’s like to wake up feeling like you just don’t know who you are anymore. You’ve lost your sense of life, you’ve lost your sense of self, and you’ve lost all sense of Christ. You feel alone and unworthy. You are confused and battered. You carry scars of past abuse both inflicted by others and also yourself, and you stare at them. The unfriendly reminder of who you were and where you’ve been and you’ve convinced yourself that you just must still be that person.

Little Shop on Menlo

on 11232014

Over the past couple months I’ve written some articles that will mostly likely be published at Self Talk the Gospel shortly, which is where I spend most of my time. BUT, I have managed to bring you one here tomorrow — it’s one of my favorites :)

However, in more current news, in an effort to combine my love for the holidays with my love for my dear friends, I have decided to spend what little creative time I have left before Christmas to bless them abundantly.

To Give Your Life Away

on 08172014

Here, come sit at my table. Drink some Wild West tea I snatched from my trip to Montana and let’s kick off our shoes. The lights are dimmed, the baby is asleep and I’ve got time. Time to sit with you, with our shoes off and tea steeped. The question for the night is, how can one live the good life? Great question. Image Credit: Mike Joa, Creative Commons One that could bring 6 billion different answers, one unique to each individual on this planet. An answer that guides and directs our steps, our purposes, our moments. One that some people search for their whole lives. I sit across from you and simply share that I believe to live a good life – a meaningful, impactful, respectable, soul-fulfilling life – is to live your life for the sake of someone else. What a paradigm. To have the best life you possibly can, is to give your life away. Although this life is never easy, it is always...

What I Wish I Would’ve Known in my 20s

on 07162014

In all my 30 years of existence I haven’t done a whole lot with my life other than act like a dodo (pronounced “doh-doh”) most of the time and then regret saying or doing that dodo stuff.

Why Settle For Deliverance When You Can Be Free

on 07032014

If you don’t live the life of freedom that God has designed for you, then who will?