When a Woman Takes the Posture of Submission

on 06162014

A few months ago I experienced something that will forever be embedded in my memory. A marking, defining moment that was here, and then gone. It was this moment…

You are Seen, Loved, and Commissioned. Now Go.

on 04212014

Yeah, I see you come in. It’s strategically 9 minutes past and you know the lights are dimmed and people are standing and the music is blaring so when you slip in the back row, along with the others who arrive late, no one even notices you. You carry ink on your skin – you’re covered. You’ve got punctured metal in weird places, and that odor permeating through your clothes will likely give you away, but you slip in at 9 minutes past because people are distracted and hopefully no one will notice.

Yeah, but I see you.