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How to Live the Good Life via Self Talk the Gospel

“This is how you live the good life: ripped holes in the knees of your jeans from all the praying you did for your people, hands cracked dry from the dishes you washed in your life without complaint, pocketbook empty from wisely stewarding your finances, ears ringing from those conversations where you asked the hard questions, and the soul filled to the brim and overflowing with gratitude for the thousand gifts that have added value and purpose to your life, simply by giving it away.” 



If Not You, Then No One via Switch & Shift

Your future is beckoning you like a sailor to the sea – the torrent is mighty but the adventure assures possibility, creativity, and freedom. Your idle posture proves you have convinced yourself another can take your place, but you are wrong. There is no one else who can take your place.”


girl in church

You are Seen, Loved, and Commissioned. Now Go via Self Talk the Gospel

“Yeah, I see you come in. It’s strategically 9 minutes past and you know the lights are dimmed and people are standing and the music is blaring so when you slip in the back row, along with the others who arrive late, no one even notices you. You carry ink on your skin – you’re covered.  You’ve got punctured metal in weird places, and that odor permeating through your clothes will likely give you away, but you slip in at 9 minutes past because people are distracted and hopefully no one will notice. Yeah, but I see you.”



Seasons of Winter via Self Talk the Gospel

“God’s plan for you right now may be to stay in Winter. And it could be a while. But instead of wishing you were someplace else, trust that what He is doing in the unseen parts of your life, is rooting a faith deeper and more intimately dependent on Him.”