When a Woman Takes the Posture of Submission

on 06162014

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Earlier this year I had the privilege of serving on the lead team for a local extension of one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had – IF:Gathering. The church I attend graciously allowed crazy women from all over California’s central valley, all different churches, denominations, cities, to gather for two days and take part in a life-changing experience. There were so many things that made this event life-changing. From the home run hitter, Christine Caine, preaching the word of God like a prophetess, Lauren Chandler, Melissa Greene, and Christie Knockles leading worship like the voices of angels, Ann Voskamp and Amena Brown Owen with that spoken word that still gives me chills. I could literally go on (and have) about this for days, but there was one moment that I just can’t get past. One moment that was like no other. One moment, that within a matter of moments was here and gone, but cemented in my memory, one that will be there forever. It was this moment…


Image Credit: Jennie Allen


Image Credit: Melissa Danisi

The moment at the very end of the gathering when all the leaders asked the entire IF:Collection of people both present in Austin, and the locals around the world to join them in prayer… on their knees. It’s the first time I’ve been asked to physically kneel before God (can you believe it??), and it was through a video screen (awkward). The energy in the room zipped and I heard the rush of chair legs sliding and I knew that something powerful was about to happen. I sat there on my knees, nearly prostrate in front of our King, begging Him for the same direction those leaders were begging for. “Lord, do with this what you will. Stir in me a desire to move beyond my fears and insecurities and boldly ask ‘what is it that you have for me’, and then go do it.”

Something powerful did happen. The impression was made. Sealed in my conscience as a constant resource to remember there is power in submission. There is power when a woman submits herself to Christ and there is something powerfully reverent about the kneeling posture isn’t there? I felt it then, and if you practice this, you may feel it too. A friend of mine once told me that she still occasionally will pray prostrate on the ground, just to remind herself of her position according to Christ. Wow.

Something powerful did happen. The impression was made. Sealed in my conscience as a constant resource to remember there is power in submission.

For all my lady readers, listen up. Regardless of where or how firmly you stand with feminism, egalitarianism, complementarianism, etc, here is the bottom line: we must, hear me – MUST – all gather under this one flag, unite arms and kneel together under the submission of Christ. Can we just do that? Can we submit to Christ and let Him be ruler of our lives? Not our bank accounts, not the size of our wedding rings, not our BMI, not the number on the scale, not our anxieties or our need for control, not our number of followers, or shared pinterest pins – we need to realize our identities as women are first and foremost to be in submission to Christ. What would our lives look like, our friendship, marriages, jobs, passions, look like, if that’s what we were most concerned about?

Will you join me? Will you come alongside and kneel with me? Let’s be a generation, both old and new, who are known for our willingness to humbly demonstrate a submissive posture before Christ our King, who is worthy of praise, adoration, and our submitted hearts. To Him be the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

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Image Credit: habeebee, Creative Commons