What I Wish I Would’ve Known in my 20s

on 07162014

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So, here’s what I know: not much.

In all my 30 years of existence I haven’t done a whole lot with my life other than act like a dodo (pronounced “doh-doh”) most of the time and then regret saying or doing that dodo stuff. I finally started realizing I was doing dodo stuff when I was turning 25 years old and my then-boyfriend visited me (he lived out of town) for my birthday.

He arrived on my big day to find me throwing myself a Kamikaze party – like most dodos do when they turn 25. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s really a party surrounding the idea of those who have consumed the most amount of Kamikaze shots, are the greatest dumbest. My world came crashing down when he met me hours before my huge party and told me he would not be attending my moral-less shenanigan. I was devastated (as any selfish, semi-already-tipsy dodo would be). He saw me living a double standard and gave me a huge wake up call. I respected him so much and loved him from the depths, but because of my immature dodo-ness, I shook it off, “whatever man,” and indulged in another night of regret.

For those first few days and weeks after my 25th birthday, and because of his bravery and the amazing Holy Spirit to relentlessly pursue my affections, I eventually came to my senses. I wish I could say it happened within a short time afterward, but often my dense heart and brain need a few more opportunities to royally screw up before the message finally gets across.

While approaching this new decade of my life, I got all crazy-sentimental and realized there are some things I wish I would’ve known at 19 going on 20. Things I wish I had the maturity to know and believe, to save me the dumb-tax payment. So in my quest to help those who are starting out, those who are already there, those who are finishing, or those who are beyond your 20s (basically everyone) – because this list is incredibly timeless – I asked a “few” people what they wished they would’ve known entering their 20s. The responses were awesome. But what makes this list fun, and what excites me the most, is this is what you, or people you know said. In fact, I’m so excited about this project that I made it all nice and beautiful and turned it into a pretty cool little packet!


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You guys are the greatest and I appreciate you joining me in this writing project – your encouragement, excitement and belief in me, keep me going 🙂 Enjoy!

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